Friday Catchup

Lets see…

Keiran is over 8 weeks old now and growing like crazy.  I had my 6 week visit (long story short I forgot it at 6 weeks and had to reschedule) on Tuesday and we weighed him there… he’s 12 lbs 3 oz now!  I love the amount of chunk on him too… esp those thighs 😀

He’s starting to smile more now too. Apparently the ceiling fan in our room is either hilarious or just makes him incredibly happy because it gets the most smiles.  The past few days he’s smiling at us making faces and stuff too though.

Beyond the appointment Tues, the biggest thing this week is the boys and I actually made it through a whole week of going to daily Mass.  I’ve thought about doing it for years and just kept putting it off for one reason or another. Well now that Kalila’s in school… I have to drive right past this one particular Church every morning right as they’re about to start Mass so its perfect timing right there…

So far, on top of the obvious, its made for some entertaining (and slightly embarrassing) moments.   ZJ is a lot calmer than his sister at Church, but he’s 2…  I’ve had to stop him from escaping a few times (daily).  Yesterday he found a picture of Jesus on the cross in a book and asked “What happened to him? What happened to him? What happened to him? WHAT HAPPENED TO PETER PARKER?!?”  Apparently its fun to jog up and back  when I’m going up for Communion too… To be fair he only did that the first couple of days, today he actually held my hand and walked quietly up there.

Keiran sleeps quietly in his carrier thankfully. Well… I have heard a few snores lol.

Speaking of said carrier… I got this picture at the groc store today.  Just love the look on his face 🙂

And of course Kalila’s had a good week at school. Last night she cracked me up by calling Baba “Mr. Jason”  (her teachers name).  It took awhile before either of them caught what she’d done lol.  Today is her long day (after school class) so she’s pretty excited about that.  What she’s not happy about is that Monday is a holiday and no school.  Poor Kalila…

ZJ on the other hand has not wanted to go to school at all this week.  I’m seeing a glimspe of what we may go through with him in the future and not liking it at all lol.   The whining I mean… I’m sure he won’t throw himself down and refuse to walk then right? 😉  I have a really cute picture of him sitting in the grass at the park during one of these protests, but it won’t post for some reason. *sigh*

Spoke too soon 🙂  Here we go!

Ok baby’s asleep and I’m ready to eat… and get some stuff done. I suppose I should get some stuff done too lol.

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