Friday Randomness

Lets see..

Kalila had her first field trip today.  She’s been excited about it pretty much all week… I had to laugh when she was telling me about it tonight though, she said it was a lot of fun but the show just kept going on and on and on and was too long and she couldn’t take it.  LOL

I got a video of the boys this morning… I think its cute anyway…

While I’m thinking of it, some of our more recent pictures…

Sorry I know there’s a lot of them this time lol.  In case you’re wondering, no I don’t normally wear Kalila.. she was helping me out and had a blast.  The group pictures were the Babywearing group here in town… The one at the Alamo was from last Thursday and the other was from the event at the Cove last Saturday. The nice one of me & Keiran was taken by one of the other mama’s there too.   And as you can see, Keiran is just smiling up a storm now 😀

Kids (Kalila and ZJ anyway) are going to Gran’s this weekend… yes we are all excited lol.

Completely reworked my Control Journal… yes that is one of the highlights of my week :-j

And…. I think that’s it. I know therés the whole Circle Fest subject, but I’ll put that in another post!

One thought on “Friday Randomness

  1. Salma says:

    Totally cute…yeah, he’s smiling up a storm.

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