Oh…. Friday

Keiran should not be fitting in 6-9 month clothes now… seriously

I still have raffle tickets if anyone is interested (if not I’m totally ok with buying extra’s lol, either prize would be awesome).

Kalila had another field trip… this time to see mummies.  She convinced herself they weren’t going though and tried to argue with her teacher lol.  She had a blast though and told me on the way home that only one was really scary and that she liked the mommy and baby ones.

ZJ told me yesterday that Keiran is the cutest baby in the whole wide world and that Baba was the cutest daddy too.

I managed to get completely and totally stressed picking Kalila up from school today. 2 kids not listening when we had to leave followed by a Kalila fit… Not a true Kalila fit (could those really be behind us) but she was crying and stuff.

Doesn’t Keiran look cute w/ his new monkey butt diaper? 😀

Despite being a busy week I think I blocked most of it out lol.  Really looking forward to this weekend though!


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