Lots to catch up on, and most of it just from the weekend lol. Before I get to the rest though, i have to share what happened this morning.

So Babas phone broke… Which moved up us replacing them. Very happy with what we got.

New phone led to going through what I can do on here (yup I  an post from here now… Happy mama) and I found an ap for charting NFP called OvuView…I’m still using Ovusoft on my comp but figured backup is good.

So I put everything from the birth on in this morn.

Now I know charting pp confuses programs. Ovusoft keeps predicting an end to this “cycle” lol… OvuView was worse though. It told me that I’m late, probably pregnant, and should see a dr.


No it made me laugh. Thankfully I know to ignore suggestions on those things.

I think I might prefer this one despite that, but we’ll see.

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