Oops forgot to post lol.  Hope everyone had a great Halloween… Ours was fun. The kids dressed up as Spiderman & his Amazing Friends, Firestar & Iceman and we went trick or treating with one of Kalila’s cousins (Baba’s really but she’s closer to Kalila’s age).

The kids picked the costume ideas months ago.  ZJ’s was bought obviously…  Keiran’s too really (I just got blue clothes lol).  Kalila’s was harder…  I made it in about 3 hours and was def not the greatest thing ever, but she loved it.  I’m going to remake the mask at some point and make straps for the arm and leg bands so she can play with them.

Right at the end ZJ started going back and forth between Spiderman and Captain America or Iron Man… so we decided to hit the after Halloween sales.  And of course the kids are just going crazy with their new dress up clothes 🙂

Beyond that… Keiran is growing like crazy.  He’s starting to coo more and is just adorable.

This pic is a little older now, but I have it as my phone’s background and it makes me smile every time I see it.

ZJ has started pretending his block phone (really just a block lol) has a touch screen.

And we are having fireworks… lovely. No really the view out of my window is amazing right now.  Of course can’t get really good shots of it but oh well lol.

And a video from earlier that I just have to share again 🙂

and some more random pictures

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