Our Week…

Seriously, I’m glad this week is over..  It’s been a rough week.

Kalila… has had a hard time adjusting when its time to leave lately. In other words she threw some really nasty fits last week. Last Friday and Saturday were the last straw.  Long story short, it took one of the teachers & I both to get her out of the school on Friday and then Saturday she ran away from me after a birthday party… picture mama wearing baby running laps around a children’s museum. I was not happy.

We discussed what to do and decided to pick her up from school immediately after circle this week, skipping any playground time after.  On one hand, I love going early and listening to the stories and seeing all the kids. It’s really cute… On the other, ZJ is not used to it and going threw his own stubborn 2 year old stage and while he did great a couple times, there were a couple days that were pretty stressful too.  I look forward to going agian, just hopefully not for the same reason or with the worry that we “have” to be there even if ZJ’s not ready.

On top of that, my grandmother is in the hospital… I’m about 6 hours or so away so I’ve spent most of the week just waiting to hear updates and what’s going on.

We’ve been rushing to get Keiran’s Baptism date set and finally got it done this week.. today really.   It’s going to be on Thanksgiving Day… Not really ideal, but is when his Godfather will be in town, so there ya go.

Next week is Kalila’s first real break from school since she started..  I’m curious to see how she does since she got upset the last time she had one day off lol.

I have the feeling I’m missing something again, but I can’t remember for anything right now.  I’ll try to add some pics here though:

One thought on “Our Week…

  1. Salma says:

    With so much going on I’m glad you had the time to update us. Sounds like Kalila really loves what she’s doing, but yeah, it’s frustrating to run after kids when they are hell bent on getting their way. Love the pics- they made me forget about the beginning of the post thinking about how stressed out you must be.


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