I’m going to go ahead and do this today since I know I won’t have a chance tomorrow 🙂

There’s been a thing on facebook this month that I have absolutely loved.  Several of my friends have been posting things they are thankful for every day.  I did a quick one the first day to cover the whole thing because I didn’t think I could stick with it… but as days went on I kinda wished I had, because I know I have a lot to be thankful for and esp so this year. Esp since I kept thinking of more things I’d add.  Finally I decided I wanted to do a post here, but closer to Thanksgiving… and here I am.

So… while I know I will prob forget half of what I could put on here, here’s my list of things I’m thankful for.

  • My husband.  I have an amazing husband who never fails to make me laugh, who works hard for our family (even on days he doesn’t feel great like today).  I love seeing the kids faces light up when they see him, usually followed by tackles lol.  He puts up with my crazy hippie-ness and even encourages it…
  • The kids.  Its hard to even imagine life before them.  They might drive me crazy sometimes lol, but I love them to pieces and they are just as good at making me laugh as their baba.  I have learned so much from each of them, and I’m sure that will continue.
  • Family. Can’t forget the rest of our family.  Again, they might drive me crazy somtimes 😉 but I love them just the same and thankful for everything they’ve done/been there/etc.
  • Friends…  I’m thankful that we have some good friends around us, ones that have been closer than family at times.  I know I couldn’t have made it this summer (after Keiran’s birth) without them.
  • Kinda ties into the last one, but my ddg’s (due date groups).  I’ve made some good friends through them, even if they live far away..  They’ve been a huge source of support and I’ve learned so much from some of the mama’s.  Same with a few other groups.
  • Kalila’s school.  Seriously… As much as I’m still in awe of just the fact that my baby is in Kindergarten lol, I already can’t imagine not having this school as part of our lives.  Kalila adores it of course, but I know its been good for me too having to get involved in stuff (hard for me still).
  • My midwives.  They would have been on this list anyway, but I’m particularly thankful for them since having Keiran. I can’t imagine going through that birth without them.   And I have to add, I love seeing their posts on FB too.  Some of them I learn from (recently one posted a home remedy that we really needed and helped a ton!) and others just make me smile.
  • Giveaways.  I know I’ve been very lucky here and won probably more than my fair share of them…  It has been a huge help though and most of them (the belly ring prob doesn’t count lol) have been things we really needed.
  • SANP…  Not even sure where to start there lol.  They’ve been a great resource (everything from health to parenting to being where I found the Circle School from)  and I’ve made/am making some good friends there.

I know I could go on, but I’m hungry and this has sat up on my computer unfinished for awhile now because I have other things to do lol.   Anyways, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I’ll try and get pictures of tomorrow up asap 🙂

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