Keiran’s Baptism

I’m still missing a few pictures, but if I wait on Uncle Trevor to send them to me this might never get posted lol… So hopefully I can put up another with some more later 😉

We had Keiran’s Baptism after Thanksgiving Mass…  Which I will admit was really nice.  I like the symbolism and we had some family there that was unexpected.  Of course we were also missing a lot of people we would have liked to have there because it was such short notice and a holiday… but still.

And because apparently this kid wants to have as many crazy stories as possible… this was no different.  First one of the uncles announced that we were having our “daughter” Baptized and then the Godparents were late… Uncle Trevor and Gran ended up standing in for them until they could get there.  Thankfully the rest of it went really well and he was just a sweetie.

I’m still a little irked we didn’t get to have the party… Forget that we don’t get to have people over often, I didn’t get to make the stinking cake.  The first part I’ll get over pretty easy, the cake… I wasted months planning that thing.  Ok forget irked, I’m more than a little pissy over that one lol.

But he was cute 😉

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