Hypnobabies – Looking Back

Another blog post got me thinking yesterday… Not so much about specifics but about the hypnosis aspect and how that worked into this particular birth. And I also realized I’ve been kinda quiet about it on here, which was totally unintentional.  So a few thoughts on that…

Hypnobabies played a big role in the beginning of our birthing time.  

I switched over to Birthing Day affirmations the day after the full moon, something I’m still not sure I should have done.  Not regretting mind you, but still…  I don’t remember exactly when I put on the birthing script, but I want to say I did that Thurs night too. I think I alternated between them playing while I slept…  and if I remember right it was the script that was on when I woke up from that outer layer breaking early the next morning.

I continued doing the script throughout Friday while Baba was at work…  and did the same the next night.  Water broke for real (first of two times on its own, three if you count the last) the next morning.  We were out a lot that day and I used my light switch a bit, but no more scripts until that night. Baba started having trouble sleeping with it on and asked me to stop the next morning…  After talking a bit we decided to stick with the scripts in the book (him reading) instead after that.

I know I used my light switch a few times on Sunday.  During my first couple of checks, during pressure waves at Baba’s Sito/Gido’s house… and of course we did read through at least one script when we went back for that last check that night.

That last check I hadn’t dilated any more than I had been before… and I did get discouraged.   We made plans to start inducing the next morning and I tried to get some rest that night.  In my mind it was where I stopped using the method.

Keiran was born Tuesday afternoon and I can’t say I remember using any of the techniques between Sunday night and then…

For the longest time I thought that meant I’d given up on Hypnobabies mid birth.  Granted I wasn’t totally upset about that either…. I was a bit sad that I didn’t get to write out a fun Hypnobabies post for their blog (looking back now, um yeah I could have, and this seems to be turning into one on its own) but I did what I needed to in the moment and I knew that.  At the end I had to focus on what to take when and feeling those pressure waves so that I could feel like something was happening.  That has never been upsetting, just part of Keiran’s birth.  An adjustment but still…

But yesterday it hit me that I did use the method at the end.

The scripts and lightswitch might have gone out the window at the end, his birth might have (errr did) hurt like hell at points and been the total opposite of ZJ’s… but I can see where Hypnobabies helped.

I was exhausted by the end… I can’t imagine how I would have made it past that if I hadn’t been able to rest as well as I did the first few days.   And I managed to get some sleep during the worst of it too, something I was not able to do before the epi with Kalila.

Discussing options.  I was prepared for that (even if not expecting it to come to it).  The class helped me feel like I was capable of making the decisions for myself and that I could trust myself to do so. Now I know my midwives played a big part in this as well… good providers always will 😉

Even in changing positions… Hypnobabies definitely isn’t the only one to recommend that (or the last one now that I think about it lol), but was so much a part of my Hypnobabies prep and reading and I do (if vaguely) remember trying out diff suggestions I’d read about, trusting myself to know which/what was right in the moment.  I did try others on suggestion from my midwives, but even then I understood why they suggested it (even if I didn’t like the sound of it… I know I didn’t always want to move lol).

I’m sure there are other small things  here and there that I just haven’t thought of yet (or may not ever).

Basically it comes down to I can see it working throughout the birth just under the surface of everything I did and the decisions made/how they were made.  Maybe they would have worked out the same if I’d gone with something else, but I can still see it there.

Would I choose this method over again?

Obvious answer is yes, but I’m making a point of answering this question because I would still say yes even if I hadn’t worked through this.   I do plan to use it again if we are blessed with any more kids.  I even plan to use it when I get my tattoo, though not sure when that will be either lol.

I do still believe that a pain free birth is possible. 

I didn’t get it this time… I’m not upset about that.  Now I will say if I have any more kids in the future I would like to aim for that again lol… but Keiran’s birth was perfect just the way it was, just very different… It taught me a lot and I wouldn’t have learned it if I’d had another like ZJ’s.




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