So behind…

Sorry I don’t even remember when I posted last lol.  Wow I just looked at that was farther ago than I thought.

Lets see…


Keiran and Kalila had their (4 month and 5 year) checkups on the 12th.

Both of them are doing well of course. Keiran came in at 16 lbs 11 oz and 26 inches long… which I had to laugh about when I looked at ZJ’s records.. A whole inch shorter than his bigger brother was but weighed more 😀  So not surprised! This guy is a chunk, Dr M even commented on his rolls.

Unfortunately all 3 kids needed shots that day.

Kalila had her last one (mmr if I remember right) until she’s 11 which everyone is thrilled about here lol.  She cried, but calmed down pretty quickly.

Keiran had his first two shots (Dtap and Hib). He did pretty well…  We ended up starting a month later than planned because of some insurance issues so no Rotovirus for him next month… which is a mixed blessing here.  Stomach issues not something we take lightly in our family unfortunately, but Jas caught it (is a live vax) from Kalila and that was miserable.  We were discussing him staying out of the house for awhile after that one even though its really just diaper changes that are the concern.  Anyways, he did well… cried for a minute but calmed down pretty quickly.

ZJ was a whole other story.  Was a vax only visit for him… Hep A & B this time. Because I had all 3 and was holding Keiran I couldn’t hold him like we usually do, and the nurse held him down on the table… he fought kicking and screaming and ended up peeing all over himself, absolutely terrified.  Afterwards he ended up huddled in a corner shaking and saying “no shots” over and over… he was even doing it in his sleep on the way home.   Def not doing that again.. Planning for Baba to take off or adjust his schedule for his 3 year visit so he can help.


We celebrated St. Nicholas Day this year.. and had a lot of fun with it.  We made the bag cookies again like we did a few years ago and set the shoes out by the tree along with carrots for St. Nicholas’ horse.  Everyone got fruit and candy, except Keiran.. he got a rattle 😀




Festival of Lights was the 2oth…  School program.  It was absolutely adorable… Loved seeing the kids all dressed up and singing.  We got lots of video’s 😀  Had to laugh, the song Kalila’s class did with the older kids, she was right in front by the microphone so we could hear her above everyone and she was dancing around with her dress the whole time. Was hilarious.


On a not so happy note, my grandmother (Nana) passed away last week.  We left Kalila and ZJ with my FIL when we headed down for the funeral on Saturday.  It was in Del Rio, so 3 hour drive one way and we weren’t staying so it was hard enough for us, they would have been miserable. It was nice seeing my aunts/uncles/cousins/mom… esp since I haven’t seen some of them in a really long time.  And Keiran managed to make mom smile 🙂


Santa visit didn’t go over well…  ZJ was really excited until we got to the front of the line and then refused to go near him.



We had a good Christmas.. Unfortunately I got sick. Kinda feel bad because Dad was the only person I actually talked to from my side, tried to call Granddaddy and then gave up and txt’d everyone else (hoping I got the right number for a couple of people I haven’t heard back from lol).  But other than that it was really good.

ZJ is just over the moon about his gifts.  Kalila is mostly playing with his too, but she’s excited about hers too.  I’m pretty happy about Keiran’s.  He got a bounce thing from Granny (well I picked it out lol) and he seems to like playing in it.  Good timing too because this kept happening with his old bouncer:


New toy= much happier: 27996_10152372697550103_2115053633_n

Baba got me a Tardis hoodie and toy so I’m pretty happy too lol.  And thanks to another gift I get to order another mei tai. I know I know… but I actually do need to.  Ours works great, but when he falls asleep in it w/ back carry he goes sideways :-/  No hood has become an issue.  I’m excited though, because I found one for a good price that looks amazing, has both the hood and wrap style straps that I want, and has great reviews.


ZJ chipped a tooth last week. Was the one that grew in deformed, so it actually looks better now (how crazy is that?) but I feel bad for him. He was so upset… We got him into the dentist and I’m very happy with the one we found. No nerve damage thankfully, but he does have some cavities.  We scheduled a visit for him and Kalila (next week) for their first real checkups and then he gets to head over to the hospital to have them worked on.  I’m not crazy about him being put under (a little nervous even) but agree with her that it’s the best way to do this, he can’t handle that.  Keiran already has his first appointment scheduled too, but it’s not until Feb.


I think that’s about it…



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