7 Quick Takes Friday 1/4/13


  1.  Talk about timing… I’ve been toying with the idea of doing these for months now (have several friends who do and catch myself basically doing the same without the link up) but just hadn’t.  Finally decide to do it and get online to find the mama who hosts it is the one everyone’s been asking prayers for.    On that note, please do keep Jen in your prayers/thoughts/whatever…   Anyways..  Yes I decided to join in.. but don’t be surprised if I miss weeks.  I like the idea, but I’m not going to stress over having it done. Same with MPM posts… as long as I keep up with having a menu set, the post itself is just extra convenience (the links) and because I like sharing, esp when we have a fun menu planned.  Irish week will probably always be posted 😉 
  2. Kids are in the middle of a big project… making a bird feeder.  Ok so it’s really just an orange juice thing that they’re painting and filling w/ birdseed… but hey they’re excited about it!65110_10152399141555103_1879454410_n735239_10152399187325103_1819005762_n
  3. Have to laugh (and slightly annoyed too) found out my fear of our pack n play at night was all a misunderstanding.  Baba told me a few night ago that he’d brought Keiran to me that night (months ago) when I thought I’d slept walked and got him.  Seriously I’ve been afraid of putting him anywhere other than next to me because of it lol.
  4. Last night at dinner we had to have a big conversation about roaring… Kalila was doing it to ZJ and Keiran and upsetting them both.  Baba explained when is appropriate to roar and when isn’t.  A few minutes later Kalila roared again…  I added that we don’t roar at the dinner table either.  Not even a minute later Kalila starts in:  Roooooooo – looks at me – nk.   I mentioned the rule again and she gave me this look like I’ve lost my mind (as Baba’s trying not to bust up laughing) and said “I didn’t say roar I said ronk”.   No ronking at the table either!  Yeah Baba lost it and started in on Scrubs quotes… *sigh*
  5. School starts Monday.  I’m about ready to do a happy dance over this. I felt bad about it at first, but then I realized Kalila is just as ready to go back.  She misses it and her friends.
  6. Older two had dentists appointments Weds. Unfortunately it did not go as smoothly as ZJ’s first… Kalila did great in the actual appointment, but that’s about all that went well. Thankfully that was really the low point of the week and the rest has been better.
  7. Random pictures from today.. 386581_10152399242435103_2733282_n 46154_10152399239270103_1729343001_n

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday 1/4/13

  1. A very good idea! I need to start blogging again. I might start by linking up with this…

    • Mama Kalila says:

      🙂 Yeah.. that’s what I’m thinking too. Blogging rut here and just have too much going on. I don’t want to drop the blog by any means… but this seems an easy compramise.

  2. seashore says:

    Knowing when to roar and when not to roar is a difficult thing to learn.

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