MPM 14 Jan – 1320 Jan

Well this week has just been turned completely upside down, but no complaints at all! Originally we were going to do one of the chicken dishes today and eat out tomorrow (since we have a conference scheduled with Kalila’s teacher)… BUT we all got sick and I’m not up to cooking tonight… thankfully lots of leftover Bamya anyway… and Baba got a promotion (yay!) at work that comes with a schedule change… starting tomorrow.   Also means we’re going to have to change how we do meals here so things might be a little weird for awhile while we get that set…

Mon –  Leftover Bamya

Tues – Chicken Adobo

Weds – Roasted Chicken

Thurs – Goat Casserole

Fri – Fish to be determined later (I really want to try Cullen Skink, but it will depend on what I can find at the store Thurs)

Sat – Chicken Fried Steak

Sun – Sour Cream & Bacon Crockpot Chicken

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