Pork? Here?

Anyone who’s followed my blog from the beginning (or are family) might be confused by a few of my more recent menu’s…  Pork in our house?

*sigh*  Yeah after 10 years of not eating it  I lost that battle lol.

No seriously… My feelings/beliefs about it haven’t changed. I still don’t think its healthy… or the safest thing to eat.   But a few things happened.

One was the kids… Pretty sure I mentioned it before, but Baba & I had an agreement on the subject.  They wouldn’t have any until they were old enough to ask for it.  I would rather them be old enough to understand and make the decision for themselves, but oh well… Kalila very rarely likes it herself (the other  night being a huge exception).  ZJ on the other hand… anytime Baba ordered any he’s all over it.  So at this point the only one not eating it (besides me) is Keiran and he’s too young for solid food period let alone pork.

In the last year or so Baba has snuck it to me a few times.  Sausages that were mixed… Forgetting to cut bacon on my favourite burger at Whataburger… Usually I’d pick it out, but other times I just ignored it.

Then the breaking point.. I have felt bad for Baba only being able to eat it out so I’ve made it for him a couple times.   About a month or so ago I decided to make him some breakfast burritos with bacon… I was more than a little nervous about it because the smell of bacon tends to make me really sick, but this time it didn’t… and it just looked too good. I ended up caving and trying some again.  And it was good.

Excuse the language here those of you who don’t care for it, but it fits here – I had a fuck it moment after that… The kids are eating it anyway.  It’s cheap… Most of the time it tastes good.  I have discovered that trying a diff brand of bacon than we were having is not a good thing (HEB brand doesn’t make me sick, the stuff from Sams stinks like you wouldn’t believe).

So there ya go – pork is now on our menu.

We have talked about the baby though and Baba agrees with holding off with him like we did the others.  They were over 2 before they ever tried it and the same will hold for him.

2 thoughts on “Pork? Here?

  1. deltaflute says:

    If it still bothers you…turkey bacon? turkey sausage? It’s actually less greasy, more healthy.

    But then we eat pork…but lately only sausage and bacon…chops and things taste terrible around here. *sigh* I long for a good butcher and family-run grocery store again.

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