Tandem Thoughts

This is one of those posts I’ve been meaning to write for awhile and just haven’t… I’ll apologize now if this is badly written, I’m having a hard time with it lol.

Tandem nursing over the past 5 months has had it’s ups and downs…

Early on it was a lot easier.  I’m very thankful that I was still nursing ZJ at that point for multiple reasons.  He was a huge help during Keiran’s birth for one… and beyond that I have happy (if fuzzy) memories of sitting/laying with the boys those first days and weeks while they both nursed.  They even held hands most of the time. It was adorable.

A little later ZJ got sick and was all he’d eat, so I was just glad he was able to get/keep something down..  Having a kid sick is awful, but so much easier before they’re weaned (at least I think it is).

Then we started a whole new phase… I started getting touched out, his nursing started to hurt.  And of course he’d started nursing way more often after the baby was born than he had been before.   I still wanted (want really) for him to wean on his own so I tried to push through it, but I caught myself distracting him as much as I could.

It did get better… but not a whole lot.  And he is pushing my own personal comfort level age wise  Note: said in the most non judgemental manner ever… Totally ok with another mama nursing longer,  just not for me.. at least at this point.  So we’ve decided to encourage things along a little.  I’m not happy with it, I want him to wean on his own when he’s ready…  But…

Anyways what we’ve done is go back down to once a day before bed.  One day he did tell me to turn off the lights outside so he could nurse, and he has asked a few other random times during the day… so I know he’s not totally ok with it, but there hasn’t really been all out fits either.   I’m still hoping we can hold out a bit longer and him drop this one on his own.  Also keeping the child led weaning goal with Keiran either way.  And trying to be ok with not really reaching that this time.  Overall I’m happy with how things have gone. We hit our first goal… and I’m doing my best (or trying to at least) even it’s different than I hoped/wanted.

2 thoughts on “Tandem Thoughts

  1. Caitlin says:

    I’m proud of you for tandem nursing!

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