Ongoing Paint Drama

This is one of those posts I’ve been meaning to write for months and just haven’t… Someone nicely reminded me of it the other day though, so its been back on my mind and here we are. Warning there will be language in this one.

We moved in here when Kalila was 2 years old.  Such a fun time right?  Like a lot of toddlers she went through this (horrible) phase of drawing on the walls.  Bad enough but I had a set system in place on how to handle it before we came.  Make her clean that shit up….

And then it happened here for the first time.  We went to clean it and that’s when we realized there’s no way to clean these fucking walls.  We started with a mild vinegar mix… and there went the paint.  Oops. Soap and water? There went the paint. What the hell?  Water? Plain water? Yup that takes it off too.

Don’t get me wrong… I hate white paint in the first place so for a split second I considered the fact that our walls might look better if I “cleaned” them all… but the amount of work doing that is a little… ridiculous?

So there we were with some colourful spots on our walls and no way to get them off.   Thankfully (somehow) Kalila managed to learn fairly quickly not to do it. And ZJ only did once…  Still they annoy me every time I see them. It annoys me that the lesson the kids should have learned was cut at the knees. It annoys me that the paint comes off. It annoys me that the paint is there to begin with (seriously I hate white walls. Its ugly)

About a month or two ago (when I started to write this post) it came to a head. I had a fuck it moment. I got magic erasers.  Oh they work well… I love them.  They take it all off… the crayon, the marker, the ugly paint… and I don’t care.  So now we have clean living room walls (if splotchy) and soon will have clean dining room and kids room walls too, when I have time to get back to that (is still a major project).  There will probably be pictures when I’m done. Lots of nice clean splotchy pictures… I can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “Ongoing Paint Drama

  1. christy says:

    I am currently painting the walls in my basement. SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS. But, I have to admit, nothing makes a room look better than a fresh coat of paint. Are you allowed to repaint your walls?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Well we’re gonna have to before we leave lol. Has been the plan all along. I think my FIL wants to pick what goes on them again though and there’s no point in doing it before we leave if the same thing is gonna happen all over again.

      Eta- not worried about the drawings since Keiran shouldn’t reach that stage for quite awhile lol, but every day dirt and stuff is almost as bad.

  2. christy says:

    How many bedrooms is your apartment? Are you guys planning on moving anytime soon? My husband desperately wants a bigger house, but the market is so crappy in NJ that I don’t think it will ever sell. Maybe in another year or two (I HOPE)!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      We don’t have an apartment, we’re in a duplex… but its 2 bdrm. Not sure when we’re moving either. The plan was by Dec last time we talked about it, but that obviously didn’t happen lol. Serious discussion about MOVING moving in a year depending on how things go at Jas’ job… Mixed feelings, but part of me really hopes it happens.

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