7 Quick Takes Friday 1/25/13


  1. Once again I’m feeling more than a bit in awe that another month is ending, but it totally makes sense this time… We got really sick. Again.  An entire week just disappeared. Things I was proud of accomplishing were undone in days.  And we’re not all completely well. I feel better, but Baba is still sick.  The kids coughs are almost gone, but not entirely. I won’t complain too much there because it helps with bedtime lol.   And to top it off I feel like I’ve lost another week due to some unimportant stupidity… had just gotten back, involved in life again and had my knees cut out from under me for two days. Like I said, isn’t anything important but makes looking back at this week pretty weird.  But its over right?  And I’m pretty close to being back where I was before this crap hit so lets just pray we don’t get sick again yeah?  We’ve been hit more this year than ever and I’m just done with that lol.
  2. So far LOVING Baba’s new schedule.  The boys are eating up the extra time with him and Kalila loves him taking her to school. I’ve done it a few times still, but haven’t had to take the boys so that helps a lot.
  3. 2 weeks (and counting down lol) until Keiran can start solids! As excited as we are, he seems to be more so. Today we had lamb chops and he sat here and watched Baba eat the whole thing, started leaning in and licking his lips. It was hilarious.. and a little sad. By the end of it I felt sorry for the poor kid.  Don’t worry, lamb is right up on your top 4 little one.  Yes I have planned out months in advance lol… Some of them will prob change due to random things like not being able to find in store or something else on our menu we decide to switch out, but still.
  4. Totally random, but I’m hearing this with a British accent while I’m typing. I blame Doctor Who… normally I think with an Irish one.
  5. Waiting impatiently for my carrier.. You know the one I “got for Christmas”.  It’s been shipped, but I prob have at least another week before it’ll get here.  Seriously though, how pretty is this? il_570xN.401935620_9g01 Along the same lines, I snapped this earlier: 19524_10152455488860103_481828090_n We used one of my scarfs as a wrap for her babies.  Kalila was just thrilled by the whole thing.
  6. Kalila’s newest obsession is with Sea World.  I know why… They brought some animals to her school earlier this week.  There were some really cute pics posted on FB too… Love getting to see pictures to go with her stories. But yeah, she was very impressed (despite the huge snake that she’s scared of) and has decided that she wants to go.  And has been asking every day since. She’s convinced that we can just head over there this weekend lol.  Gotta love it 🙂
  7. Back to it being the end of the month… I’m excited… because we all know what that means right? Luncheon this weekend!  I’m ready for kibbe…

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