7 Quick Takes Friday 2/1/13







Complete and total surprise… My mei tai came in earlier than I thought it would 🙂  I am completely and totally in love lol.  It is really comfortable 🙂 The only neg thing about it (so far) is that I’m on a learning curve with wrapping it because it’s slightly diff than my Baby Hawk and I’m used to using it.  I don’t think it’s going to take that long to get used to though.  Besides, it’s pretty… and comfortable. Did I mention comfortable? 😉  I swear this kid feels at least 10 lbs lighter in this thing!








ZJ… I swear this week has shown a huge jump w/ him.  Sunday we had a chance to visit friends we haven’t seen in way too long and he was playing with one of our friend’s son way more than he normally does, esp when he hasn’t met someone before.  The next day we went to pick up Kalila from school and he went up and talked to several adults and kids… and played some more. I felt kinda bad that I had to cut it short.  Plus he’s talking even more here at home…









The kids got their wish… Bunk beds!  We haven’t gotten them moved in yet, I’m working on their room first… but they are so excited. It’s cute 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have pictures by the end of the weekend!






Kalila Kalila Kalila… Apparently she likes the Magic Treehouse books they’re reading in school. I have been hearing all about them every day now. I love it! Before I had to drag out of her anything other than art, yoga and playing…









Speaking of books… just realized that the latest Yasmine Galenorn book came out… and go figure its not at WM here.  Why I went there and not Target is totally random and doesn’t make much sense but I did… Kinda doubting Target’s gonna have it either though, they didn’t the last one.  *sigh*  Will prob either have to buy it online or deal with heading out to Barnes and Noble.








Kinda silly but goes into my good mood right now. I had a great day shopping today (I’m typing this up Thurs night… not sure when it’ll post but there ya go).  I normally don’t do so well with coupons, but managed to save $22 this time…  Little things that make me happy.  PLUS those coupons got me a pyrex dish and a new dutch oven.. both of which we could really use.






After a discussion with Baba, that stemmed from us making something we haven’t made in way too long, I need to come up with a list of our fav dishes that we can’t make less than once a month.  The problem is (largely thanks to Pintrest) we’re finding more and more that fit that description lol.  Well that and I have several things I’m in the middle of already.






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