Soap Nuts Update

Probably should go on the other blog instead but things are so blurry between the two and honestly I’m having trouble keeping up with one let alone two right now… Oh well.

I can’t even tell you how long we’ve been using soap nuts now… Over 3 years? 3 years exactly? Something like that… And I love them.  Which is why I’m sad to say we’re taking a break from them for awhile.

Things I like about soapnuts:  Obviously they’re eco friendly.  They’re great with sensitive skin and eczema.  They work with cloth diapers (despite what a certain diaper company tried to tell me, but that’s a story for another post *grumbling*).  And they’re easy. I had them shipped to me from EcoNuts through the laundry club (was taken down for awhile but I was already signed up… not sure if it’s back or not, but great way to save money on them!) so I never had to go out and get detergent… and the bag pretty much stayed in the washer (except for during rinse only cycles with the diapers) until it was time to switch out the nuts. Eta (can’t believe I missed this earlier, a comment got me to reread this lol) – And they work really well too.  Normally 😉

Why the break?   Hard water.  The duplex we live in right now has absolutely horrible hard water.  At first it didn’t seem to be a problem… and then the mineral buildup on the diapers caused stink issues.  Figured out that we needed a water softener… Started buying Calgon and using it when needed. That helped a ton… but now despite everything smelling clean I’m starting to see dingy clothes, especially the kids clothes.  And a few times (again lately) they’ve come out completely unclean and had to be rewashed. I’m not sure if a water softener more often ( and with their stuff and not just the diapers) would help that… but that bottle is really small and that completely cuts out the savings we had with them.


So my plan for right now is to keep using them with the diapers until we’ve used up what we have… and using a “traditional” (for lack of better term) detergent with our clothes.  Once we’ve used them up, unless we’ve changed situations somehow, I’m going to get Country Save for the diapers from Go Baby Go and see how that does.

Not totally happy with it… esp since it means braving the detergent aisle (hello migraines) and finding the least offensive scent, but oh well.  I’m just hoping it fixes the problem and isn’t the washer.  Already have dryer problems we really don’t need that too lol.

7 thoughts on “Soap Nuts Update

  1. christy says:

    we use Arm & Hammer sensitive skin (or something like that). It is frangance free and cleans stuff.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah we’ve used that in the past with few problems… I got the same brand but not fragrance free because they didn’t have ANY that were 😦 We’ll see what happens… It can’t be as bad as the kind upstairs though. They’re using one of the new Tide’s and I can’t go up there anymore w/out a headache starting. As if the forced workout wasn’t enough of a deterrent lol.

  2. We use the Arm & Hammer Power Gel. One tablespoon at the most in our washer, and then an extra rinse. It cleans better than anything I’ve ever used before and thankfully it doesn’t cause Alex’s eczema to break out.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah… haven’t done the power gel but the brand in genral has set of Jasons. Not as badly as other detergent so I figured it was still worth a shot. We’ll see ZJ, poor thing has it worse than Jas so we’ll see.

  3. Deborah says:

    Not sure what your problems with most detergents are (fragrance allergy?), but we use Charlie’s Soap for diapers, clothes, towels … everything … and we love it. No fragrance I’ve ever noticed, cleans well, and on Amazon, as least, it’s cheaper than the other detergents (at least it was a year ago when we bought a monster supply that were just over half finished with now–only one tablespoon per load).

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Combo… Jas and ZJ have eczema and some detergents irritate it bad. Kalilas cleared up it seems but still has sensitive skin like me and again done are worse than others with that. Thankfully ones that bother me bother everyone else so it tens to work out. But lately fragrances are giving me huge headaches too… So whole new issue to deal with

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I’ll look into that one too though. Thanks for the recommendation.

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