MPM 4 February – 10 February


Have to say last weeks menu was great.  2 new recipes turned out AMAZING. Unfortunately one won’t happen again because it didn’t set well with Baba.  *sigh*  I had six bowls and gorged myself that day though.  And last night’s Sour Cream and Bacon Chicken was really good too.  Baba and Kalila are taking that for their lunches (well her lunch, his dinner) and we’re having it here tonight too.

Mon – Roasted Chicken (note: using a good chunk of this for chicken sandwiches for dinners or Kalila’s lunches)

Tues – Lamb Ribs

Weds – Chicken Fried Steak

Thurs – Lasagna; Keiran – Fresh sliced avocado 😀

Fri – Gumbo

Sat – Zanzibar Pizzas (not a recipe unfortunately, but great picture of them!) Edit with recipe link. Adjusting a bit, but may be a solution to a problem I have with how I’ve been doing them!

Sun – Pork Roast

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