Keiran and Baby Led Plans

I’m a bit in awe of the fact that we’re days away from Keiran starting solids!   And I can’t believe there’s no “real” post about it yet lol.  We’ve all been looking forward to it, including him.  Or at least he thinks he is. Silly goose keeps trying to steal our food!


Obviously we’re planning to use the Baby Led Weaning method again.  Yes I caved and stopped using solids in place of weaning lol..  Is just easier to find info and I finally got used to it.  We really liked using it with ZJ and the more I’ve researched it the more sense it makes.  Besides it’s pretty flippin’ cute 😉

We are doing a few things differently than we did with ZJ though.

Poor Keiran (LOL) will not be having any grains until his molars appear.  We did skip baby cereal with his brother, but it really wasn’t that long before he had rice, pasta and bread.  Actually I think he may have had them before his first two teeth even finished coming through.

Order of food intro’d isn’t going to be exactly the same either.  I have a list made out, but not going to kid myself that we’ll stick to it.  Sometimes things get changed up at the last minute for one reason or another.

I am going to do avocado first again though 🙂

As for the others… I have a mix of reasons I put in the ones I did.  A lot of what I’m seeing recommends proteins from the beginning.  And while I do want to expose him (and our family in general) to a variety of things, there are foods that we tend to eat more often and because one of my goals is him being able to eat with us… I’m making sure to get those all in asap.  There will be other fun things mixed in though – and hopefully I’ll find ways to work them in for us at the same time!

Another change you’ll see (because I prob will keep putting them on my MPM posts lol) is that we’ve decided to do the 3/4 day rule instead of the week one.  I put a LOT of thought into that… and then talked to Baba… and then thought some more.

Long story short…  He is not having any of the skin issues the other two had before solids.  The skin reactions Kalila had to diff foods showed up pretty quickly. The worst reaction she’s had took a lot longer than a week to show up.  Same with the ones Baba and I have.  I still don’t want to go all truest form BLW with him and throw it all out there at once 😉  But… 3/4 should be good. I think… If he has a hard time we’ll step back some.

I think that’s about it lol.  Go figure as I’m typing this a friend messaged me with BLW questions 😀  Timing, gotta love it!

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