Laundry Issues Continue…

Well our first experiment with a new detergent failed horribly.

I chose Arm & Hammer because we’ve used it in the past… The only kind they had where we went was scented but the fresh scent sounded the least offensive of the choices.

Yeah… No.  Hello headache.

As for cleaning…  *sigh*   Using the amount of detergent we used before does not work here or now.  Using a full cap full (which hits me as insane, but whatever) did somewhat.  I still had to wash Kalila’s pants twice… and use stain stick lol.

Thanks to using so much at once I’m going through it quickly enough that I’ve already bought the next one.  Still Arm & Hammer but the one without scents or anything.  We’ll see how it does and if we need to go to another brand.  None of the others I saw had a Free and Clear version that wasn’t half the size of the others for the same price though. *Lovely*


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