Little Ears

I’ll apologize for anyone on FB that already knows this lol…

We decided to make a dr appointment for Kalila today because of her coughing. I’ve talked to her teacher about it, said she’s doing fine as long as she’s busy… but the nights have been rough and it’s been worrying us more and more.  So appointment made.

Then last night the boys started coughing.  I talked to the receptionist about appointments for them but was told they couldn’t be seen. Ok. Lets see how hers goes and then make ones for them if Dr M thinks its necessary.

She did end up seeing them… today.  Same receptionist we had issues with yesterday (was confused by us going in for PC shot without a well visit and had to go back and talk to someone about what to do).  My guess is she’s new. Never seen her before so it makes sense.

None of the coughs are worrisome.  The boys chests are clear and almost everything else looks/sounds good.  Kalila is wheezing though.  And they all have ear infections.  😦   Seriously surprised us all including Dr M.  No signs, symptoms anything.  ZJ said his ear hurt when we asked (hasn’t complained before) but Kalila says hers don’t and Keiran isn’t acting like his do either.  Dr M was shocked that he’s eating like normal.

Seriously considering getting one of those things to just randomly check the kids ears every so often.   I’d rather catch them early when I can treat them naturally but how do you do that when there’s no freaking symptoms?

Anyways… Kids on meds. They’ll be fine. Neither Kalila or ZJ was happy with what she gave them, but after a few complaints they took their first doses lol.  And Kalila actually seems excited about the inhaler.  Not really sure why, but I’m not going to complain about not having to fight her on it.

I’m exhausted now lol… One more “dr” visit to go this week too.  Keiran has his first trip to the dentist.  Obviously not a whole lot going on there but they’re insisting so whatever. Besides I like that office despite the last trip there being bad.

*deep breath*   And time to finish stuff up and get to sleep like these little ones are finally doing 😉

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