7 Quick Takes Friday 2/8/13




I. Am. Exhausted.

No idea if its related to the ear infections or not, but Kalila had a fever last Sat… one day of feeling off and then fine other than the cough (and surprise ear infection of course).  ZJ came down with it the day we went to the dr’s. Typical ZJ had it a bit longer, but he’s acting normalish again.  But now Keiran doesn’t feel well..  To be fair he did much better today than yesterday, but still.

And Baba’s sick…

And I have’t been to get to bed at a decent time in weeks…



We decided to give Keiran a week for the solids.  But I did let him have a little fun. Empty spoon 🙂  He had a blast with it!



Finally saw the Doctor Who episode with the Weeping Angels last night… Surprised I didn’t have nightmares lol.


Kalila is still complaining about missing school last Tues.  We didn’t intend for her to miss the whole day, but deciding to see the boys last minute meant staying longer and then getting her meds… By the time everything was done she wouldn’t have been there an hour before the end of the day.  She was seriously upset though and brought it up again on the drive home today.


Starting to see a little jealousy between the boys. Not a huge amount… ZJ still goes on and on about how cute his brother is and that he’s “his baby” and how much he loves him… and Keiran smiles and hugs and kisses on him just as much.  But put one of them with Baba and the other gets mad and wants in on it lol.


ZJ picked out a roasted potato and onion pizza this week… I didn’t fight it too much because it meant a free thing of Ben & Jerry’s and I’m not missing out on that lol… But his choice confused me a bit.  We had it tonight and it was actually pretty good.


Need to get back on track with Fly Lady stuff.  I had a post I was gonna do last month but we kept getting sick and stuff so it just got put off… Hopefully I can soon.  Back on track first… And no more getting sick.  Seriously.

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