MPM 11 February – 17 February


Ok… Last week was one of those weeks where things fell apart a bit.  That dr’s appointment on Weds went so long that we had to change plans last minute.  Friday had a completely different issue that I can’t even remember now and then the weekend was just off too.  Not going to let that derail us though 😉  Just meant we didn’t need a whole lot for this week right?

On top of that… Today is Ash Monday (Long story short, our family is Maronite Catholic… Lent starts today instead of Weds for us).  I’m kinda sad that the kids and I won’t be making Mass tonight… but Keiran is still not feeling his best (and it’s cold)  and we wouldn’t be back by the kids bedtime and Kalila has school tomorrow.   Anyways, point being Lent recipes! 😀  Have I mentioned I love Lent?

And Keiran/food… We did end up giving him his avocado yesterday.  I’m gonna try and get a post up about that tomorrow or so.  He seemed to enjoy it though and of course we got some cute pics 🙂  So somewhat back on schedule with that…

Ash Monday –  (L) Tuna Tetrazzini  (D) Baked Tilapia

Tues – Chicken Fried Steak

Weds – Beer Crockpot Chicken

Thurs – Chicken and Rice Casserole ; Keiran – Lamb

Fri – (Kalila L) Ranch Egg Salad Croissant Sandwhich (L & D) Ratatoulli  

Sat – Zanzibar Pizzas (not a recipe unfortunately, but great picture of them!) Edit with recipe link. Adjusting a bit, but may be a solution to a problem I have with how I’ve been doing them!

Sun – Asado (Thankyou Grandpa!)

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