Keiran vs Avocado


That’s right Baby Led Weaning has begun in our house again 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before, we’d planned to introduce avocado last Thursday but Keiran was not feeling well at all. We decided to give it another week, but he changed our minds on Sunday!

We ended up going out to eat for lunch that day (usually do on Sunday) and I ordered a salad that had avocado on it. Keiran went nuts trying to get at my plate and everything on it.  After a few minutes of that Baba suggested we go ahead and do it.

The pieces were cut a bit smaller than I would have, but he did really well. He managed to pick them up by himself, but as you can see I ended up using my hand as a plate because he had trouble keeping them in his hand.  He did get them back on his own and in his mouth just fine though.  He only ate about a piece or so but he was really happy with that and iddn’t want anymore.  I think it was a good start 🙂

And of course we all went crazy… Baba got my phone and snapped several pictures including the one above.  ZJ started chanting “Go for it!”  Kalila was doing something similar too.  Note: we were behind a large family bday so we weren’t the loudest there and it didn’t last very long either.

Next up is Lamb and I’m about as excited for that one as I am this because he goes crazy everytime we have it lol.



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