7 Quick Takes Friday 2/15/13




Happy Belated Valentines Day!

I meant to post yesterday, but… things got more than a bit crazy around here. I did get lots and lots of pictures though. Not all of them Valentines related but still…  We had fun 😉

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The other pictures from yesterday were of Keiran and his BLW journey 🙂   Like I mentioned the other day, lamb was up next.. and he LOVED it.  Totally not surprised, he’s been staring at us eating it for months now and trying his best to get at it.  I got some video’s too but not sure they’ll post.

480182_10152563183170103_891095831_n 11171_10152563188585103_1533661786_n


We got off track abit again this week with our menu, but not as badly… Weds we discovered the chicken was rotten. Had to have been that way when we bought it, so not happy about that.  Then I was all set to make the chicken casserole yesterday when I had a package of ribs explode when I was unloading the groceries.  Plan change again.  Made the casserole last night though so the only issue is next weeks menu since I had ribs planned for Tues I think.   Today was the ratatouille and I’m the only one who liked it, despite ZJ being very excited by the idea of it. Oh well.


Baba brought me flowers on Weds (yes a day early lol). Along with all kinds of goodies, like dark choc covered almonds.  Was really sweet.  I told him earlier that I’d been a bit disappointed when I saw the almonds (didn’t want to tell him at the time because it was so nice of him) thinking that didn’t sound good… opened them up today and never mind.  Spent a good 10 minutes grumbling about when my husband knows me better than I do lol.


Another picture just because 😉



Kalila and I had a talk on Monday about Lent and giving stuff up.  The whole thing made me laugh… she wanted to give up cleaning.  Finally she settled on not fighting with her brother.  Fast forward to last night… Poor thing is having as hard a time with it as I am with not cussing. I reminded her that she wasn’t supposed to be fighting with him (note: I’m glad she gave this up, its something we’ve been trying to work on) and she said “I change my mind, I want to do something else!”  LOL Sorry hon, doesn’t work that way.


The boys… I wish I’d had a camera out earlier.   Keiran was in my lap and ZJ came up and started play slapping at him/his hands. I started to say something to him, but Keiran started giggling and slapping back.  They played for a good 5 to 10 min or so.  As adorable as that was.. When they stopped Keiran leaned over and grabbed at ZJ.  He grabbed his hair (again) several times, but finally got himself a big hug/kiss in.  And then ZJ said “Awwwwww.. He loves me!”  and then told him he loves him too.  Absolutely adorable.

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