7 Quick Takes Friday 2/22/13




I could cry… I typed up to number 5 or so and then lost it.  Should have autosaved (I have it set too) but someone *cough Baba* cleared everything earlier so I wasn’t logged in even though my page was pulled up as if I was.

Yes… it has been one of those evenings lol.

I was hoping to go to an event at the school tonight and it didn’t happen.  Kids are hyper.  Exhausted and headache setting in… Prob a good thing I didn’t get to go huh?



LOL There’s prob a reason I’m having to retype this.. Need reminding much right now?

So Kalila and I butt heads a lot… I love her to pieces but we do.  I get frustrated, stressed, all those fun things…

But then we have days like the other day.  I almost posted about it then, but couldn’t get online lol.  It started out with me thinking we were in for another “fun” evening.  I picked her up from school and hello attitude.  She made it clear that she did not want to come home. Stormed off and told her teacher the same thing.  Sulked all the way to the car.

And then we got home… She played with ZJ.  Waited patiently (Kalila?) for her snack. Played some more. Picked up toys.  Ate dinner, cleared the table… asked to go outside for a bit before her bath… and that’s when it hit me.  There hadn’t been any fighting so far.  Seriously I was stunned.  Bath, yoga, bed… I had to remind her to go to bed but it still wasn’t a fight.  Seriously in awe here…

And it hasn’t just been that day, although that was the most obvious… Over all she’s helping out more. Fighting us a little less.  She’s so excited about hte bunk beds that she’s making them (both lol) every morning.  And of course she’s as sweet as ever, always giving hugs and kisses… sometimes to the point we have to stop her lol.



Finally tried to answer the how old are you question today.  He’s off a bit in more ways than one lol.  “Ummmm… Free!”  Close enough 😉

Has reattached himself to his Captain America mask lol.  He wears it to pick up Kalila, to the store, around the house… pretty much everywhere.  We got lots of smiles and comments at the store yesterday. Was cute.

He had fun playing with Kalila on the school playground the other day.  And when we left he waved at the building and said “Bye friends!”




Will not stop moving.  Not the best video here, by the time I got the camera out he was winding down some.. but still.

And since our last post he’s had egg yolk and green beans.  We feel pretty safe saying egg yolk is his fav food so far. He attacked it.  Like we hadn’t even gotten the plate down and in less than a minute lol. It was insane.  The green beans were good for some funny pictures, but not sure what he thinks yet.

8691_10152575503960103_1549986298_n 188362_10152586483830103_1398011028_n 538260_10152586487460103_422673050_n 62183_10152586474460103_826131758_n


Have I mentioned I love Lent?


The shrimp lasagna rolls today were great… I def recommend that recipe!

Kalila was pretty happy with her egg salad sandwich at school too. She’s started asking questions and getting excited about Lent too.  I love it.


Making a goal for next week:  being on time.  I have had a really hard time with that this week.  Need to find a way to make sure ZJ naps before its time to pick up Kalila too.  Picking her up is a lot easier if he doesn’t fall asleep on the way. Not that its not doable, they’re really nice about helping out when it happens, but still…

Speaking of goals… Now that we’ve started feeling better we’re trying to get back on track and did pretty well this week.  I still have a lot to do this weekend.  Is gonna start early too because I’m determined to get up and get the school cleaned early.  The later I go the harder it is lol.  Plus it’s a good way to start the day. I leave feeling accomplished, like I got something done (when I’m never done here). But yeah… getting that done asap and then determined to finish here by Sun night.


Ending with more pics cause I can’t think of anything else lol.

13085_10152573537645103_960294641_n 574585_10152586474455103_127030980_n 69579_10152573512010103_1911310323_n 8652_10152573538335103_849541021_n

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