7 Quick Takes Friday 3/1/13




Keiran had his 6 month(ish lol) checkup on Monday.  It went well. He’s 17lbs 12oz and 28 inches. Doing well.  Ear infection is totally gone.  Shots went well, I really like wearing him for that… is even easier than holding him. Poor thing did end up all red and with a bump where it was given… I know its normal but a first here. Seems to be going down though.


Kalila’s class had a fashion show on Weds.  I ended up missing it 😦  But I saw part of the video and some of the pics and looks like it was absolutely adorable.  She had a blast of course.  I have no idea where she got her little walk from, but we’re still cracking up over it.  For those of you on FB there are pictures on the schools page 🙂


Go figure I got sick again this week.  Thankfully it passed fast, but still… Uggh! No more sick here… seriously!


I’ll apologize in advance, you’ll probably hear about this one a lot lol… But we got our packets for the International Food Festival (with tickets & raffle tickets) today, so I’m really excited about that!  Is a school fundraiser and one I’ve been looking forward to for obvious reasons. It’s the day before my bday this year too (last year was on it lol).


Went from having a great day today, to what on earth lol.

I told Kalila yesterday she could stay late after school… I wanted to get a few things done & she’s complaining about leaving so early several days in a row.  Good thing we did because I went to get in the car and it wouldn’t start :-/  Waited for Gido to come home, tried and failed to get it started… left the boys with him, borrowed his car & headed out… to get stopped by a train. Not even kidding.  I barely made it…


ZJ made me smile earlier.. He told me this afternoon that he wanted to do yoga with Kalila when she got home.  She was pretty wiped out though and curled up instead.  Well he pulled out my mat anyway and got some of her cards (yoga pretzels) out and tried to do it on his own.  From what I saw he was doing a pretty good job!


Oh and got my hair cut last weekend… I’m still not used to it lol.  It was the longest I’ve ever had it and I didn’t really want to cut it, but having issues with it tangling lately and I hadn’t kept up with trimming it and stuff like I should have so was really unhealthy at the bottom.   Not sure how happy I am with what we did honestly, but I think its mostly because I wanted to get rid of the blonde and couldn’t because we got there too late.

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