Meetings, Rules & Responsibilities…

I mentioned that late meeting a bit in passing yesterday (I think… that was yesterday right? LOL).  I feel bad because we’ve gotten so off track with family meetings it isn’t even funny.  I hated having it without Baba, but there just wasn’t time on Sunday and if we keep putting it off we’ll never get back to it.

I kinda felt bad for the kids too… This wasn’t such a fun meeting.  It was late, Baba wasn’t there, we had nothing “fun” planned for it (although we did plan some fun for this weekend’s meeting).  And… We’re going over house rules because with all the illnesses and baby and all that we were having trouble keeping to them.  That has to be fixed.

I had a list of rules before, but somehow it got pulled off the fridge and destroyed… I mean turned into artwork 😉  I’d already decided I wanted something bigger anyway so wasn’t too upset by it.  Last weekend had Baba pick me up a poster board (and royally confused him in the process lol) so I could try again.  Isn’t the nicest looking, but it works for now:


And the kids are doing pretty well with it so far.  We’ve still had some fits.. of course. They’re kids. But definitely getting back on track.

The responsibilities part is new btw.  They’ve always had stuff they help with, but we did change this up.  I do have them help with other stuff too, but that is the everyday has to be done list.  Thinking about it, those things are about the same as before too just weren’t listed out in front of them like this lol.

Ok, speaking of responsibilities… I still have a bit of zone work left from this week and need to get back to it.

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