7 Quick Takes Friday 3/15/13




So much going on outside here..  Several things got fixed and now the house is painted.  Looks so much better 🙂  Had to laugh too because ZJ has taken to the workers, would sit and talk with them and everything. Got to the point one comes and asks where his helper is if he doesn’t see him.


Several mama’s in my Aug DDG were/are doing the 30 day shred.  After weeks or so of hearing them talk about it I decided to jump on board.  My copy came in yesterday… both excited and… sore lol.  I thought I was gonna die.  No I know it’s a good thing.  But still… uggh.


I need to go rework next weeks menu… To be honest I’m pretty upset about it.  There isn’t going to be any bacon and cabbage on Sunday and may not be at all this week… which means I’ll need to find something else.  Long story short, buying the boiling bacon online is ridiculous.  Was bad enough before shipping, but after… just isn’t doable. Not spending 50 dollars on 2 lbs of meat.  I finally settled on making it myself, curing it shouldn’t be too hard right? Doesn’t sound like it from what I’ve found online. BUT… finding the right cut of meat or (worse) the stuff to do it was harder than I expected. I’m sure someone here in town has it…  Actually I know there has to be because one of the other parents from the school commented that they made some bacon recently.  But I only had a couple hours to go look and… yeah. Didn’t happen.  Even if I find it this weekend, the bacon won’t be ready in time for Sunday 😦


Had to do without my mei tai yesterday (washed and was still drying) and… it was bad.  My other is in the car and needs to be washed just as badly so I was just stuck.  Out of desperation I’ve been trying to find anything I can tie him on my back with besides my khanga’s… Just can’t get comfortable with how short they are (or with a torso carry, only one I can do with them that doesn’t hurt). I found a video showing a rucksack carry with ring sling tonight and tried it out.  My older one is too short, but Keiran had a blast trying… fell onto the bed and just cracked up laughing. I think the one I won a couple years or so ago will work, but I haven’t quite gotten it down yet.


Back to those annoying groc trips.. Have to smile when I think about them now despite all that.  I got home just in time to hear about the white smoke. We turned on the tv and watched until the Pope came out and everything.  Very excited… And of course since then there’s been all the talk of which St Francis (which granted I haven’t really be on today so this is going by right after) he chose his name for… which had me all teary eyed lol.  Between ZJ being named after St Francis Xavier and the novena..


ZJ is so my son and I LOVE it.. Yesterday he decided to pretend to be the Doctor. He got a little pink flashlight and said it was his sonic screwdriver to fight bad guys with… and put it in his “jacket” – basically down his shirt since he didn’t have a jacket on lol.  He made his baba proud today too… decided to be Hawk Eye.


Lets see… Do I have any pics I can finish this out with? LOL

579073_10152641398485397_1901177659_n 601236_10152639000330103_1966485367_n 486005_10152646045220103_408882858_n 576684_10152638051835103_1682798271_n

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