MPM 18 March – 24 March


Irish Week! 

Unfortunately Irish week got off to a rough start… Like the actual St. Patricks Day menu fell completely and totally apart here and we ended up with a ton of random things going on… Really stunk.  This does mess w/ my menu a little, as does the fact that we need to take our newest addition (one bright spot to the day lol) to the vet tomorrow morning … but oh well.  Is why I’m not listing days out this time.. I’ll get to these eventually. You may see one or two on next weeks list too lol.  I’m not putting side dishes on here, but I have a feeling Champ will be made at some point too.  

Bangers & Mash

Beef Stout Pie

Chicken Colcannon & Apple Pie

Mustard & Herb Lamb Chops

Cod Cobbler

Dublin Coddle

Pork Chops with Apple Mustard Sauce and Colcannon

And of course:

Bacon & Cabbage

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