Meet Charlie

I know I mentioned it in passing yesterday, but figured I’d post now that I have a chance. 

We’ve been talking about getting a puppy for awhile.  Years really…  But lately we figured it was about time.  So Saturday we went to the shelter to see. We told the kids that we may not find one yet, but obviously we did lol.  We fell in love pretty much right away. 


Charlie is a sweetheart. She’s 3 months old..  Definitely a puppy and a handful  but like I said she’s sweet.  She curled up in Baba’s lap at the shelter and we all just melted.  She’s adjusting pretty well here too… We’ve had to keep the cats away (they said 2 weeks) but they’ve somewhat met. Kimosimi got upset the first time, but has calmed down and Mumble doesn’t seem to care.  She’s been taking turns on who she spends time with… has to have one of us right by her, is very attached already. 

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