7 Quick Takes Friday 3/22/13




Stressed.  Just stressed.  *deep breath*


One of my cousins is supposed to come this weekend. Will find out for sure later today, but I’m really excited about it.  We used to talk every day and lately we’ve been lucky if we’ve caught each other once in a month.


On a similar note… I’m almost afraid to say for sure on this one… but we’re going to try to go to my sister’s graduation next month.  Pretty sure Baba put in to switch days the other day, and just praying it happens because I really want to go.


Just over a week until Easter… My favourite holiday and I’m just not looking forward to it this year.   I miss my side of the family.  I miss real Easter eggs (yes I get that this is dumb and not really meaning anything against using plastic ones, I just don’t like them).  Even the past couple years that I have gotten do to real ones, something goes wrong.. One year they didn’t cook right despite cooking forever, then last year the hunt got put off until way after Easter – like a week or two because there wasn’t any time. I’m dreading the candy fight. I could go on, but I’m not going to..


Keiran has been trying to pull up on his own for awhile now, but could only do it on top of us or on the bed.  A few days ago he managed it on the floor and then the next day in the pack n play.  Baba saw him a couple days ago and made an offhand remark about how he’d be cruising in a week.  *sigh*  He started trying that night.  Pretty much has it down now too… is kinda slow and wobbles a bit, but he can go the length of the pack n play.  Upside (I guess) is it keeps him preoccupied if I need to put him down lol.  And yes planning to get a video later today when I empty some space and have the battery charged up.


Weirdest headache of my life just started. I feel it starting on one side but all along my sinus’s went numb/tingly.


Ending with pics again 😉

 577092_10152668747795103_1310761483_n 63030_10152668748950103_592554831_n 67092_10152672073905103_1452920015_n556696_10152661455285103_1675333598_n 157088_10152667023350103_1786431825_n 418965_10152662668810103_427689748_n

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