Doula Week

This week has just been packed with issues… and I hadn’t planned to write about any of them on here until about 15 minutes ago.  It hit me that I haven’t said much about what’s going on with getting my postpartum doula certification, or where my thoughts are on it at the moment.

Last year (good grief it’s almost been a year) when I started working on this I had a very set goal in mind.  I was starting out on my journey, getting certified postpartum first because it seemed more flexible and easier to do with small kids.  Once they’re older I’d go back and get certified for births and then when I could realistically leave them for the week necessary go on to get certified to teach HypnoBabies.  In a sense that hasn’t changed a whole lot… I do still want to be certified for births at some point… and teaching HypnoBabies is my dream job.   But after Keiran I’m in a whole other place on the “now” and it really hit in the middle of one of my assignments a few months back.

I joked before that I knew I should hire a postpartum doula.  We didn’t for several reasons… mostly boiled down to I thought I’d be ok.  Same could be said for birth doula, but two huge differences.  I had the support one would have provided during the birth… Baba was there when he could be, my midwives were amazing and one of the student midwives stepped in and was there when I needed it.  I had the help after we went home too (don’t get me wrong, the friends that stepped up were a huge help and forever grateful to/for them) but there was this period of time between having Keiran and finding out we’d need help and when it all came together that I will never forget.

The Birth Center has postpartum nurses now (which is awesome) and I blurrily (lol) remember them asking me about who I’d have to help me at home.  Baba couldn’t really take anymore days off (he did end up taking one more) and we’d decided against having a doula like I mentioned before.   I was given names for doulas getting certification and hurried to both talk to them and send a message out to anyone we could think of asking for help.  One of the doula’s made plans to come but they fell apart for some reason that I can’t remember. I do remember she was really sweet on the phone. The other was a diff story.  I’d just given birth earlier that day, still half out of it (was for days after) and trying to talk to her on the phone about coming to help.  She asked what I needed and I told her what they’d told me I needed and said I didn’t really know beyond that at the moment.  She seemed very short with me, asked if I even knew what a postpartum doula was for and that wasn’t something they do.  That I remember word for word because my jaw dropped and I thought it was almost funny that I was asked that considering.  Now I’m hoping there were circumstances around it, I know everyone has bad days.. but at the time it really got to me.

In the end it didn’t matter because of those friends (and Keiran’s Godmother, can’t forget her she drove us to his 2 day appointment lol), but that conversation stuck with me…

Adjusting to life with a new baby can be rough under normal circumstances.  And not knocking friends/family help at all, they were a lifesaver here… but I have a whole new respect for the whole concept of a postpartum doula (even thought I thought it was an important role).  And more importantly I know what kind I’d like to be…

As for the cert itself… I’m really enjoying the assignments.  I love the place I’m going through. I’ve gotten to the parts that are taking more time. Book reports, breastfeeding classes, all that fun stuff…  Is definitely challenging with a new(ish) baby, but I’m glad I’m doing it now too.


2 thoughts on “Doula Week

  1. Stacy says:

    Who are you doing your cert. through? I was considering postpartum doula work too, mostly because we have no family nearby and so a birth doula job wouldn’t work very well with a husband who works full time and 2 kids.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Birth Arts International

      I initially chose them because the cost was reasonable and they had an online option. It makes things a lot easier w/ the kids…

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