(not quite) 7 Quick Takes Friday 3/29/13

No link since apparently there’s not really a 7 takes Friday this week. I typed before going… Oops.  



Seriously Friday can’t almost be over…  So much to do this weekend and I haven’t even really started.  I’m guessing we aren’t going to dye eggs or do our own hunt here… I’d planned on tomorrow, but no eggs (well I do have eggs but they’re the ones for the deviled eggs) and we have a ton of plans for the day already…  And I haven’t tested out the recipes I was going to try for the dessert on Sunday so no clue what we’ll do there either. I really don’t want to buy them instead… arg.  Can it just be Monday already? I think I’m done…


Keiran has his first tooth. It’s still pretty close to his gums, but definitely broken through, and the second one is coming in more too.  Poor thing is having a rough night with it tonight too 😦


Kalila graduated from RadKids yesterday.  I made a point of not telling her I was going to try and be there (learned my lesson after the fashion show) and the look on her face when she saw me was great.  63438_10152695512720103_1402763212_n


ZJ has decided that he really wants to learn counting.  All the sudden he is counting everything he can and just very excited about it. I love it..


Managed to hurt my knee a few days ago.  Long story short I was walking Charlie and she got scared of another dog and ran home… wouldn’t have been too bad but I tripped right in front of our drive and went down.  Its getting better, but still hurts to go up or down stairs.


Decided to scratch the bday party idea for ZJ this year… combo of the trip that week and knowing he would be uncomfortable.  Baba brought that last part up first, but thinking about it… is true. So instead we’re going to get up early that morning and have a big breakfast for him.  And cake.. gotta make the cake 😉


And of course the pictures…

  17812_10152695133765103_1067608168_n28149_10152693211990103_899350578_n 1644_10152693211495103_382219689_n 1679_10152687703265103_986998842_n

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