Happy Easter!

Hey, hope everyone had a happy Easter…

Ours was pretty good.  Still a bit sad we didn’t do the egg hunt here…  And after weeks of complaining about how the plastic eggs she hunts with her cousins are so much better than the ones I dye, Kalila actually asked when we were going to do them and was unhappy that we weren’t.  Go figure…  But we had a good time w/ family.

Backing up a bit…

Kids got Easter clothes from Granny…  ZJ LOVES his suit. He picked it out himself and couldn’t wait to put it on.  Kalila likes her dress so much too, that she wanted me to wash it tonight so she could wear it tomorrow. Sorry hon I am not staying up that late lol.

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I started making breakfast here, but kinda turned into lunch. Oops.  Found a sausage the kids love. Blueberry maple. Sounded disgusting to us at first, but smells pretty good.  Jas and I had part of an Irish breakfast… eggs, bacon and rashers.  Was really good. Stuffed myself though lol.

ZJ fell asleep on the way to Baba’s aunts house and kinda put him in a mood… He walked in barely awake and saw a room full of people and about melted down, poor thing. He had a hard time most of the day, but was happy to see his Gido – that calmed him a lot.  He refused to hunt eggs still though and then got upset when I went through Kalila’s. And then a half dozen other times that Baba left his sight.

Kalila did great though.  She had fun playing with her cousins, hunting for eggs, all of that… We had a couple of little miss attitude moments, but she wouldn’t be Kalila if she didn’t 😉  No, she was very well behaved…

Keiran was Keiran…  Went to everyone.  At one point he lunged for his Godmother. It was adorable.  After awhile he got tired, put him on my back and he went right to sleep.

The fun isn’t quite over yet, Kalila still gets to go pick out something tomorrow.  Basically we’ve been talking about the “egg candy” for days now…  There’s just too much of it, and usually half of it gets tossed out for being stuff she can’t eat and the other is still stuff she shouldn’t eat but goes after and I deal with the fallout until its gone.  So we decided to trade it out..  I was hoping I could do it with something that wasn’t candy and came pretty close (still holding out hope?), but right before we left she was reminded and decided it had to be candy… So off we go tomorrow to find some she can eat.   I don’t think it’ll be that hard.. but I need to prepare better next year lol.  Oh well, tomorrow will be fun and she’s really looking forward to it.

And a few last pictures:

644258_10152703848990103_1162589014_n 67848_10152703853300103_733822888_n 156502_10152703849810103_1355869218_n 521664_10152703851530103_1994716061_n 522159_10152703851055103_2146805895_n 540153_10152703856635103_1075135185_n

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