Menu planning, iff, bday…

Sorry, no mpm this week… I have a menu set, am looking forward to everything on it but posting it out is just not working for me this week lol.IFF was this weekend and we had a blast. I have pics of Baba cooking shish kabobs that I could add if I were on the comp, but I’m not… I’ll try to do a mini pic post from the day later on this week if I can. Anyways, lots of fun and a great first one for us. Gran and Papa Brian came too so that was great. Kalila was very excited :-)I woke up yesterday to find out that I won one of the raffles… The Microsoft Surface Tablet. Def a good start to my bday lol. I’m actually on it right now and it’s taking some getting used too. I really like it though.

Gido and …. still haven’t asked what the kids should call Trish now lol… Anyways, they watched all 3 last night so that Baba and I could go out on a date.  First time Keiran has been away from us… and yes I know its way longer than we normally wait. No major reason for it other than he’s pretty attached and hasn’t done well when I’ve tried going to work at the school without him. He did well though and we had a good time.  Went for sushi..

I know I’ve missed a few 7 take Fridays…. not for lack of stuff going on, but I was sick last week plus busy getting ready for this weekend. I don’t remember what happened last Friday…. I think it was because of Baba’s weird schedule. He’s back on the normal one now though thankfully.

Ok I’m going to end this and unattach the fuzzy keyboard because oddly that’s what I’m having the hardest time with so far lol.

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