7 Quick Takes Friday 4/19/13




Going to start with pictures this time around lol.

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Counting down to ZJ’s birthday now… I’m really looking forward to it even if its going to be diff than we originally planned.  We were going to do a party the weekend before, but decided to change it when we planned to go to my sister’s graduation.  Started talking and realized a party was prob a bad idea over all… He won’t enjoy it… So we’re doing a bday breakfast just us the morning of.


Speaking of before mentioned sister’s graduation… *sigh*  Yeah totally fell through 😦   I get why Baba couldn’t get the day off so I’m not mad… it makes sense.  But not exactly happy either.  We talked about it again and decided to find a weekend that works for everyone and go then instead.  So far haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone involved though so we’ll see… Hopefully it won’t take too long because I really want to go :-/


Finally got my bday present 😉   A diaper sprayer… That isn’t installed yet because the shutoff valve in the bathroom doesn’t shut anything off.  Lovely.  Got a new diaper cover too… is an Arabian Nights print and I love it lol.


Keiran is starting to eat more and more. He helped himself to Kalila’s Dublin Coddle the other night. *sigh*  He loved it though lol.  There’s a pic up there from the day before when he had Shepherds Pie… He polished that off too… Didn’t lick the tray like he did with the DC though lol.  Has also started clapping (a week ago now?) and just being a real cutie over all.


ZJ has started interacting with more kids at the school.  He called one of the boys (funnily the one Kalila has a crush on, she says he’s beautiful) his brother and best friend and today was asking about some of the girls. They’ve been chasing him around the playground and apparently he’s started to like it lol.  We took Kalila her lunch after getting groc today and he wanted to join the classes too.  So happy to see this… and he’s speaking more too… granted a lot of it comes out all at once as soon as Kalila leaves lol.


Kalila… I think she’s grown again.  Has Baba wrapped around her little finger… and I love hearing her tell me all about her day. This past week they made a volcano that erupted so that was a big thing, talked a lot about that… and the store they’re now doing in her class.  She told me the story from circle this morning too… that’s a new one, she rarely tells me about them (I try asking but she says she doesn’t remember).

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday 4/19/13

  1. Salma says:

    Wow, looks like I missed alot too. I cannot get over how much the boys look alike. They all really look alike, but the boys look almost identical. Kalila is huge- so pretty they are growing way too fast.

    Thanks for your message MK. It was a surprise but hey, here I am 🙂


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