Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…

Ok I would love a picture to go with this, but my phone is acting up. Go figure…

Charlie is doing great though…

After the first few days or so we hit the (or maybe it was just me) what were we (was I?) thinking point.  Keiran was what 7 months old (seriously I don’t remember when we got her)? He still nurses a lot… and we got sick again at one point.  I got it first this time too.  And of course she’s a puppy… and we’re training her ourselves, which mostly means me during the day.

But then… I don’t remember how long it was obviously, but after a week or two?  She started getting it… and then the fence out back was ready for her to spend more time outside (the main one, Gido enlarged the yard and fixed up the gate/stairs).  All of a sudden it’s gotten so much easier.

She’s still a puppy and it’s still a lot… but she’s a pretty smart puppy too.  She started sitting when we tell her to in the first few days… laying down is hit or miss but she started doing it a bit a few days ago.  Teaching her not to jump on us is taking more time/effort but I know she’ll get it.  She started playing fetch with me today too.

The kids absolutely love her.  ZJ calls her his Charlie and he’s her boy lol.

I guess I should end this there… not really anything else to say and Keiran is doing his best to distract me with kisses and smiles.

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