The Sea World Trip

Kalila’s school had a field trip to Sea World today. She’s been looking forward to it for weeks… at least.  And have to say it’s helped with the first part of this week too lol.  She has been up on time or early every day just thinking it was the day they had to be there early lol.

So finally here.. We had a little shoe drama before we left, but finally found the second boot and made it there a little early even.  *whew*

Went to pick her up a bit ago and she talked about it the whole way home of course… and then I got a video when we got home.  Too cute. I’m having trouble pulling up you tube on here, but basically she loved Shamu, talked about the splashing, feeding dolphins and sea lions and all that fun stuff.  I’ll try to share it to my page’s fb page so it’ll pop up on the side but who knows…

Anyways, It sounds like they had a lot of fun, exactly what I expected 🙂   She’s already asking when she can go back lol.

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