Yeah so a few months back (seriously it’s been that long?) I mentioned our basic plan for solids with this kid… Which included holding off on grains until his molars appear.   I know I haven’t said much else about that (unless you’re on FB… it’s come up in the ddg a few times and I know I’ve shared a few of the articles as  well) so I figured I would now.

Why?  Long story short grains take an enzyme called amylase to break down/digest.   There is some mixed info out there about when we begin producing it in large enough amounts to digest grains.  I’ve seen info online saying everything from 6 months to when molars appear.  All of the initial information I found leaned towards the later age.  Even after seeing the other opinions I still lean towards being more conservative on it.. eating something that can’t be digested can cause so many problems… and we already have issues along that line.

That being said…

Skipping baby cereal is easy.  We did that with ZJ too…  Not an issue at all.  Esp since we did BLW and it isn’t the easiest thing for baby to feed themselves anyway.

But altogether? I did not realize it would be as hard as it is lol.  Almost everything we eat has grains in it…  Casseroles with rice, lots of pastas…  things thickened with flour.  Kalila and ZJ both had kibbe for their first beef and that’s out (bulgur wheat).  Still hasn’t had sushi…

Now that he’s eating more I’ve found ways around it… either pulling things out first (Monday) or adjusting a recipe a little bit (the Shepherd’s Pie).  Making more of the things that don’t… Other times he just has whatever we have around that he’s already had. Thankfully he is not picky at all, as long as he has food to shove in his mouth 😀

We are sticking with it though…  at least until a year.  I kind of just assumed he’d have his molars by then, but mister just has two teeth… I’m questioning that now lol.  We may re-evaluate at a year.. not going to say we won’t.  But for now still aiming for molars.

One thought on “Grains

  1. Interestingly enough, I have been given a meal plan to follow from my Chiropractor and according to him in we eat so many grains and processed foods that even as adults our bodies can’t use the grains effectively so he told me to for a while illuminate all grains and processed foods. Eventually you can add back in whole grains… its crazy because I’ve lost 25 pounds in 30 days

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