In Time For Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

As you can see I have internet back just in time… Long story short, a few weeks ago or so we started having problems with the connection in the living room.  ZJ was watching something on Netflix and it wouldn’t reconnect.  Was odd, but figured I’d have Baba look at it.  Later I sat down to do something on here, got up to make a call, and a few min later when I was done came back to find it was out too.  We thought it was the modem or something like that, but after installing a new one didn’t work Baba went digging and found a cord chewed through…  Lovely.  Apparently I bragged on Charlie just a little too soon :-/

But yeah, got it fixed yesterday…

Apparently that’s gonna be the highlight of our weekend though.   Kalila started losing her voice Friday so all our plans for yesterday (work day and dance practice) were cancelled.  She’s still pretty hoarse… And last night Baba stepped in a hole and hurt his ankle. We thought it was broken, but after basically the whole night in the hospital they said it was just ligament damage.  So good news, but he’s still in pain and all that fun stuff.

May post later about all the fun stuff that’s gone on in the last few weeks but can’t promise anything…

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