Yup… It’s Monday

ZJ got upset earlier when he found out it’s Monday and not Friday…  told me he doesn’t like Mondays.   Problem being it’s not Friday, his Baba/Bubba breakfast day lol.  Normally I don’t mind them so much, but today?

Started off ok. Woke up nice and early despite getting to bed way too late. Got Kalila to school on time. No problems at all really…

And then I got ready to pick her up. First ZJ threw a fit saying he didn’t want to go.  He didn’t want Kalila. He wanted to stay here.  Sorry Bub, in the car we go.  Immediately something looks wrong.  No rear view mirror.  Um… Yeah I must have been out of it because my first thought was why the hell would someone steal that?  No it was the floor lol.

Unload boys (because it’s fucking hot) and start trying to find a way to fix it.  We have no super glue. I couldn’t get to the store right then.  Duct tape is missing. Electical tape did not work…  Neighbor pulls up.  Gorilla tape.   It worked… for all of 2 seconds. *sigh*  No realistically it was a little longer than that… it worked long enough for me to load the boys back up.  Tried to fix it again… unloaded the b0ys a second time and started making phone calls.

About 30 phone calls later… not counting the times I came across other parents from the school in my phone (which would be perfect right) and realized that for some odd reason they’re in my phone but without actual phone numbers. hat the fuck?  I know I have them… I know I’ve called some of them. I know a few have called me. They should be in there!

Anyways… about 30 phone calls later… I’m in panic mode.  Get down to the if I don’t leave now we’re going to get there after 6 (no no nonono) and decide to go ahead and try to drive.  I made it…  I’m pissed… but I made it.

I hate driving on a good day.  I’ll do it because I have to, but I hate it.  And our mirror on the door hasn’t been replaced yet (bad enough) but without this one or that one this was insane. WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN.   Seriously I was to the point of saying if someone had a fucking booster seat it’d be ok despite knowing that’s a bad idea because Kalila is still pretty light (just weighs enough to maybe use one) and definitely not mature enough. Moot point though because I really only talked to 3 people and only 1 of them was anywhere close to even having that (and didn’t, her niece is out of town). Actually the first was kinda funny too… for a second I considered if she’d fit in an infant seat… yeah so not gonna work 😀 (thanks though Melanie!)  I know she might still fit RF in our seat (possibly) but still…

But yeah.. I got there.  Ran into another mama who I’d tried to call (and didn’t have the number of course) and we laughed about the situation… What else can you do at that point?  We made it there and back safe at least…

And came home to our front door wide open :-/


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