7 Quick Takes Friday 5/17/13




I think my daughter is exaggerating a bit lol….

Yesterday, on the way home, she started telling me all about how she fell out of the playhouse window at school.  The second story window.  Obviously she’s ok, so I asked how it happened and what she did after.  She went on about how she landed on her butt, back and arm and cried, but her friend F checked her over and she was fine… and they didn’t tell their teacher.

I laughed because the whole thing was just… crazy. 

So this morning I took her in… didn’t have a chance to talk to her teacher, but saw Ms B so walked over and told her… who had the same reaction I had.

On the way out I looked over at it again… Not like I don’t see it every day (or like I haven’t been up there) but still.  Yeah something doesn’t add up at all. I can’t see how she’d fall from the window she said she did and not be hurt .  Now… the one by the balcony maybe.  Or on the bottom.

Silly Kalila…


Not really from this week, but not something I want to skip over and fell while I couldn’t get on.  Our 6th anniversary was at the beginning of the month.  The older two went to stay with Gran and had a blast. We had a nice dinner that night and went to see Iron Man 3 on Sunday.  It was nice.  And we got (what’s oddly) our first family pic since Keiran that weekend too 🙂



Keiran just keeps growing. He’s 9 month’s old now (again as of a couple weeks ago or so) and into everything. 

He rarely wants to play in his bouncer now (the excorsaucer type one) and (as always) HATES the pack n play.  I still have them out, but they do not get a happy reaction if I need to use them for some reason. 

He wants to be on the floor pretty much all the time.  Lots of crawling, pulling up and practice trying to stand alone.  He cruises but hasn’t tried to take any steps on his own since he fell hard twice in a row doing that a few weeks ago.

And speaking of getting on the floor… We had to teach him to scoot off the bed because he was throwing himself off head first trying to get down there.  Does it from our arms and everywhere else too.  Thankfully we usually catch him, but after so many times you know someone’s gonna miss… Little boy is too stubborn for his own good.  BUT he picked up scooting down backwards pretty quickly, in a couple days or so.


And of course we’ve all been sick again this week.  Kalila got sick at her stomach Tuesday night… Was pissed that she couldn’t go to school the next morning. Said it was from what she ate and that she wasn’t missing. Sorry hon. Doesn’t work that way!  ZJ ended up with a fever that same night and got sick at his stomach the next day. He still isn’t feeling completely well.   Keiran… was just swollen.  We let him crawl in the grass and he did not do well with that. His eyes are starting to look better though.


We’re getting close to the end of the school year…  Last round of conferences scheduled, notes about end of year stuff coming in.  I’m a bit in awe of how fast its gone by.  This year has been a little harder than I expected (underestimated how hard a 3rd baby would be with her starting plus all the extra illnesses)  but it’s been a great one too. Will prob (hopefully) do a post on that of its own later. We’ll see.


Got the kids a little punching bag yesterday.  We’ve been talking about it for awhile and I saw one that just screamed ZJ… and he’s the one that needs it the most. Is going in our cuddle spot and I’ve already seen them use it when they’re upset. Kalila did this morning lol.


And more pictures:

     947172_10152805071535103_1004242648_n 198994_10152799205245103_773476358_n  217014_10152790840180103_1286976237_n 428470_10152816167290103_978242918_n 431911_10152807147580103_357744495_n 7760_10152805069880103_710450644_n 922738_10152827516235103_988925329_n 946187_10152805069360103_732344557_n 941945_10152809616390103_1625856317_n 943435_10152788813740103_906699201_n


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