Goodbye Kindergarten

I would have written this days ago if I could have, but as always too much going on and couldn’t get on anyway. 

Summer is here.  Kalila is excited about it… We’re looking forward to getting to relax some (mornings) and having fun with the kids.  Folklife is coming up fast and I’m sure the reunion will be here before we know it. 

But I can’t believe the school year is over.

When it started Kalila was 4 years old.  ZJ 2… and Keiran only 2 weeks old.  Somehow I had this crazy idea that I would have all this extra time. LOL. Instead it went by super fast and somehow I muddled through (I don’t remember parts, not even kidding).  Not going to get into weekends here because that is a whole other post that I thought I’d already written but apparently haven’t… Before I knew it… we’re here.

It was a great year.

Kalila loves her school. One of our biggest problems this year was getting her to leave at the end of the day. She told me more than once that she wants to live there.  She loves her teacher Mr. Jason too… Is funny all year she talked about wanting to be in Mr Joel’s class, but at the end she’s sad that she won’t be in Mr Jason’s anymore.  She talked my ear off every day on the way home about things they’re doing (usually the art lol) and about her friends

We love her school. I am so glad we found this place.  It’s been good for her. ZJ too… over the course of the year I’ve seen him talk to the kids and teachers more and more. He def still has his days, but enough diff to notice… and he now loves circle and will sit still and listen when we go. I do feel bad that I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped there… not counting weekends of course, which I’m very thankful for.  Like I hinted at before, I overestimated how things would be with 3 or with a very active introverted (etc) 2 1/2 to 3 year old boy and a newborn.  I’m hoping next year will be better on my end, but going to try to be a little more realistic and not try to do 5 million things (emphasis on try).

I’m not going to post the video’s from her grad… They’re shakey and from the back and just no… They’re on my FB for anyone (on my list) interested.  I did get a couple pics before.  Note: She was wearing her “cool clothes”  for the school of rock. I love the group shot I got of the kids that night too.

935713_10152868710835103_1700669496_n 947261_10152868720620103_1921331254_n 969133_10152869580465103_1579265040_n


And her last day. Sniff. 


Anyway, point being… It was a great Kinder year.  A good start to this whole “school thing”  for Kalila.  We are really looking forward to next year and whatever that brings.

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