Oh the Covers…

By this age with Kalila and ZJ I was leaning a little more towards pocket diapers… I don’t know if its the diff in body type or what, but I find myself heading back to prefolds with Keiran.  Not totally, I use our AI2’s with him a lot… and I loved our flats until they died on us in horrible horrible ways.  I’m still rather sad about that… the few times I’ve been back to GBG I’ve looked at the section and question getting another type of hemp insert or looking for hemp prefolds but I haven’t.  Way beyond the point here though…


Using them more means using covers.  I still have the 3 GroVia’s I had from before… and they’re still holding up well.  I really do like GroVia.  I got very excited about a week or two ago when they did a program on FB where you could get a free one.  Wasn’t that difficult really, have 5 friends sign up on their page (no cost, just enter email address).  I had about 6 or 7 friends say they would… one had problems doing it (mobile wasn’t compatible with the entry form) and assuming something like that happened with a few more because it so didn’t happen.  *sigh*  Not going to complain because it would have been a free cover and can’t/don’t really expect that.  Would have been nice, but oh well.


Wonder Wraps…  Same company as above, but discontinued cover.  I still have 3. 1 from Kalila and 2 from right after ZJ was born.  They do still work… but are finally wearing out. I choose them last really, but they’re why I love that company. That is the longest I’ve seen a diaper or cover last so far.  Unfortunately because they’re now my last resort, I don’t have a recent pic.

I have no Cow Patties covers, but feel like I should mention them because I’ve been using the AI2’s like covers about half the time. It works well :-).  Kinda tempted to try her covers, except they’re the same price so it doesn’t seem worth it.. if I’m going to get one I might as well go all out and get another pocket AI2 ya know?


I know those have all been mentioned before, but I have gotten a few new ones w/ Keiran one way or another.

Last year for our anniversary I got us a Star Wars print  Rock a bye Bootie.  I wasn’t so sure of the material on the inside (it’s diff than the pul on our others and looks odd) but it’s held up well so far.  We just got another cover from them thanks to a little sale she had.  Marvel print and while we haven’t used it yet (prob will have by the time this posts, but still) I’m already loving it.


Arctic-Rose… Totally got this one just for the Tardis print.  And again we’ve had no problems. Is probably my favourite one right now, but that’s mainly because it has a big Tardis on the front.


Gen-Y.  This is another new one. I got it along with our new diaper sprayer on my bday and he’s worn it once so far.  Seems to work well. I love the gussets and the side snaps.. and it’s cute.


We seem to be pretty well restocked now (starting to weed out old ones that aren’t really holding up anymore) and I’m pretty happy with what we have.  I did find a pocket diaper (despite not liking them as much right now lol) that I would really like on Etsy.   I can’t help it.. it’s a Dalek print.  Somehow I doubt it’ll happen though lol.  Trying to contain myself anyway 😉

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