7 Quick Takes Friday 6/07/13




Guess who is officially 10 months old today?!  In awe… Right now he’s sitting I his highchair munching on a pear.  Just like his Baba, he loves the things.  Still crawling all over the place. He loves playing with his brother and sister and getting into all kinds of trouble.  Lately has been doing the “shy smile” hiding his head when he does it, but he still goes to pretty much everyone most of the time… and super attached to both Baba and Gido.


LOL my kids have taken over living room couches for naps. Totally their idea.


Very much looking forward to this weekend.  Both because of Folklife and just to have time w/ Baba.  Kalila is so excited about dancing too.


Kalila has starting writing letters to her friends at school this week… and burst into tears at one point saying she missed one of them.  Not even a week into summer… Poor thing.


Tried the dish with wax beans yesterday… I mostly liked it. Wax beans are still wax beans even if fresh and/or made this was better (way better) than canned… but the chard was great and so was the sausage lol. Kalila and Keiran actually liked the beans too.  Baba not so much. He didn’t like either veggie. ZJ flat out refused to try it.  I don’t see this one happening again.


Signed up to do the Orange Rhino thing this month.  Had questions about how sane I might be… but it’s going pretty well so far. Not perfectly of course (even the emails I’m getting say it won’t) but still.  I’m excited about it and even Kalila’s talking about how she wants to stop yelling too lol.


Ending with pics as always

    977_10152876956870103_1613503645_n 5218_10152890034710103_607610733_n 7304_10152890034565103_1017819148_n 8611_10152878467815103_117495225_n 383550_10152880230530103_49382759_n 600562_10152880228340103_541440561_n 945072_10152892118275103_1623673429_n (2)

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