7 Quick Takes Friday 6/14/13




Keiran’s top two teeth are coming in! And because he has the lip tie like his big brother had, he has the gap too… I love it!  Just caught a pic where you  can kind of see one of them. Too flipping cute.



We have continued to have computer drama.  A storm last week (?) caused something or another to fry.  We’re guessin it happened when the lightening hit in the yard somewhere.  Finally got the replacement in…


Kalila and I started reading through (well, she’s reading it to me, I’m just helping when she has trouble) the first Sister Philomena book, “Lost in Peter’s Tomb”.  She’s really excited about it. We only have the first two so not sure what we’ll do when she finishes those, but it should be awhile anyway.

She’s asking me to make her math sheets for the summer too… haven’t done it yet, but she’s getting insistent.

The other “school like” thing we have planned for the summer is Kiswahili.  She’s been asking me about it a lot, so I figured I’d go with it… I’m kind of excited about that one lol.


This week has been a bit off here… Kalila got in serious trouble last weekend.  She decided to grab a pen and write all over the small couch while I was feeding Keiran.  Baba decided to ground her…. which… eh. I could work with that at least.  Natural consequence = cleaning it up and it was a big job so she didn’t really have a lot of time for other stuff for at least the first few days (granted I put it in shifts with reading and other stuff in between so she wasn’t scrubbing the entire day lol). I talked to her about it too and her reasoning was because it popped in her head. *sigh*  Do. Not. Have. To. Do. Everything. That. Pops.  In. Your. Head.

999262_10152901777480103_1342726552_nAviary Photo_130153760196414593


Folklife, on the other hand, was a lot of fun…  We got lots of pictures.  Kalila had a blast.

995320_10152898809210103_76518484_n 1005071_350037305118931_2126650074_n 988350_350043595118302_1010659697_n

Note: the last two were by one of Baba’s cousins.  Turned out way better than mine and since mine aren’t all on FB I can’t really get to them on here.


ZJ is starting to go through that phase where he only wants to wear one of a handful of shirts (and usually for days on end).  It’s a fight to get him to put on something new and then he’ll grab th other from the dirty clothes half way through the day and try to put it back on.  Sigh.  I actually threw two of them in a load with other stuff today to stop the massive fit that was brewing.


Yesterday was the first game I’ve gotten to watch with the kids this year… Yeah go figure, middle of the finals :-/   Despite the fact that we lost… I have to smile because the kids were so stinking cute.   Lots of yelling, screaming, high fiving, etc… They both passed out long befre the game ended, but still… they had a blast. Kalila even asked first thing this morning if we could put basketball back on lol.

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