MPM 8 July – 14 July


So a couple weeks ago Baba had me pick up a rotisserie chicken, cheese, tomatoes, etc… something we used to do A LOT, but haven’t in at least a year.  Not only did everyone thoroughly enjoy it but it hit me that would be the perfect meal for “groc shopping day”  since Thursdays are pretty hard for me to stick to normally since I have a lot less time to work.  So you’ll prob see this on the menu for Thursday’s a lot… I’m trying to find ways to make menu planning easier and this def helps.

And since I didn’t post about last week (but had a couple amazing meals) going to mention it here real quick too. 

Tuesday we did a Lazy Day Casserole. For some odd reason Pintrest dumped my pin for this, and that site does not look the same, but the recipe does.  We used a pork/venison sausage that was just way too good.  Keiran conned us into giving him some and he loved it too lol.

Thurs I made the Blueberry/Strawberry Pie that I did a few years back… I don’t have a good “after baked” pic but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Sat was all Baba 😉  He made some amazing steaks to go along with the leftover salad we had…  Again we all enjoyed it and just had a fun dinner… moved our family meeting up a night even.


But back to this week:

Monday – Vegetable Lasagna

Tuesday – Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Bell Peppers

Wednesday – Dublin Coddle

Thursday – Chicken & Cheese platter

Friday – Creamy Shrimp pasta

Saturday – Cob Salad (?), Irish “Brinner”

Sunday – Roast

2 thoughts on “MPM 8 July – 14 July

  1. Everything looks delicious- and I love the idea of making things easy on yourself on grocery day- we often do cheese & cracker night or get a rotis chicken and shred it on salad. 🙂

  2. Everything looks delish. We often do an easy meal on grocery day as well- cheese & crackers or rotis chicken shredded on salad. Your pie looks amazing.

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