7 Quick Takes Friday 7/12/13




For anyone here in SA or visiting this weekend… The Circle School is having a garage sale tomorrow. Info here.


Keiran just keeps growing, silly boy… Yesterday he started standing up wthout pulling up on anything. Every once in awhile we hear what sounds like a word, but he doesn’t repeat it often enough to really tell, with a few exeptions.  Bath… more like baf. But he says it in the tub and gets really excited lol.  The other is “uh huh”  while shaking his head. He LOVES this one… Worst part is he’ll do it when I ask for a kiss half the time :-/

Seems like his bday is coming way too fast too. I’m enjoying the baby stage… Thankfully he seems like he is too for the most part and not rushing ahead like his brother and sister did.


Kalila lost her first tooth… I think it’s been over a week ago now, but still. She was very proud of it.  Tooth fairy came and she’s drawn some cute pictures of that… my fav is a painting we have hangin up that is labled “toot fairy”


ZJ.. he has been a handful lately.  I love his laugh though… And he’s still great about cuddling. When he’s in the mood lol.


Other than not wantin to rush a certain bday I think it’s official we all are ready for summer to end.  Kalila told me th other day that she wanted school to start “tomorrow”.  And the kids are both talking about “the move”.   Which is hard because we have no set plans yet, just getting ready.  ZJ keeps making comments about how it’s happenin the next day and every day I have to explain no…  He just wants to share a room with Keiran though lol.


After I don’t know how long of telling myself I was not going to start Yasmine Galenorn’s other series (I’m completely hooked on the Otherworld series) I picked one up yesterday.  A bit behind, obviously, but so far enjoying it as much as the others.  *sigh*  I need to start a new series like I need… whatever.  Tired. I don’t care.


Ending with pics as always

   999501_10153005543650103_1426759130_n 1002440_10152988271565103_1401387600_n 1006207_10153002608320103_86583704_n 1044247_10152974109845103_606748908_n 994526_10152992611980103_2034651068_n

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